Twitch-Streamer rennt 10 KM in Ork

Texhnolyze (elegant as TEXHNOLYZE) is a Japanese speculative anime tv collection computer animated by Madhouse and also routed by Hiroshi Hamasaki, with screenplay by Chiaki J. Konaka, with initial character layout by Yoshitoshi ABe as well as created by Yasuyuki Ueda. It was transmitted on Fuji Television from April to September 2003. The story takes location in the vivid yet run-down underground city of Lux. Citizens of Lux have concerned call it The City and also treat it as a sentient pressure. It concentrates on Ichise, a stoic prize competitor that sheds a leg and an arm to satisfy an angered marketer, Onishi, a young but level-headed exec who has numerous adversaries, and Ran, a little girl who has a very crucial present that affects the entire city. As they have a hard time to accept the challenges that they are dealt, they demonstrate to major occasions that figure out the survival and also fate of the city.

The Streamer Orcrun has set a crazy challenge on Twitch. He put his characteristic ORK armor from the Lord of the rings and ran 10 kilometers. He almost the puffs went out, but in the end he reached his goal. Why he did that, you will learn here on Meinmmo.

This streamer is: The Streamer Orcrun is known to run for longer distances. In a armor including helmet, which is modeled by the tanks of the uruk-shark orcs from the film adaptation of the Lord of the Rings. In severe armor, the streamer runs regularly and transmits its escapades with a matched handheld camera.

What did he do? In his youngest stunt, the leisure ork has wanted to know again and ran with a 10-kilometer race. In his heavy armor he was clearly disadvantageous, but Orcrun pulled it through and actually came to the finish after 54 minutes.

This is a good performance because the average for such a route is 50 to 70 minutes (via and the graduates such a round are usually extremely easily clothed.

Twitch Streamer runs in Orc armor for a good cause

Why the Straplaszen? The reason for this wrong run was not just JX and Dollierei. Orcrun had called his followers to donate for a good cause as he ran. And indeed, it was neatly donated and in the end came around the 1,600 US dollars (about € 1,370).

That was his goal and Orcrun was visibly pleased after the race, Holy Shit, I see the donations. That s wrong, damn again, we reached the goal!

How did he work? Of course, such a run is a decent challenge for people without heavy armor. Therefore, Orcrun did not go well in the end:

Yes, towards the end, I could not breathe anymore. My arm has felt so touched after 3 kilometers as if he fall off right away. Holy shit, that was just mistaken!

If you look at the video of the action, you have in fact fast pity with the ORC runner and his desperate gasp.

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He ran away but I followed him????

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How did the action start? The viewers and users on Reddit found the action of Orcrun Super and praised the commitment and endurance of the brave Orcs . A user on Reddit summarizes it well with the words:

I do not know much about long-distance runs, but this time looks pretty impressive, especially with armor. Crazy, as this guy has a heart rate of 180 bpm with armor, while I remember that XQC had a heart rate of 165 to 170 BPM, and that is only ran to the toilet in its stream.

Streamer, who stream crazy things for a good purpose, are a frequent phenomenon on Twitch. But there are also black sheep. A streamer has simply collapsed the money himself in one case.


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