Minecraft: Hype about Youtuber Dream is always erroneous - now congratulates a US

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Derminecraft-Youtuber and Twitch Streamer Dream kicks only anonymous and basically veil his face. But this seems to keep his popularity and further. Now even the important US Senator Ted Cruz has congratulated his birthday. His daughter asked him. The political commentator and Twitch Streamer Hasan Piker is not clear and calls for protest.

Why is Dream so popular?

  • The Minecraft Youtuber Dream has made a name for itself with exceptional content ideas and a pleasant voice. He has already changed known YouTube formats to Minecraft and thus enormous success: so he does not make a normal speedrune in Minecraft, but a speedrune, in which he is sabled by a friend.
  • To Dream there was a cheating scandal in recent months, but this is not a demolition to his fame. Dream explained the fans, that was all a mistake and many did not take him crooked.
  • To the popularity of Dream contributes to that he enters completely anonymous and masked. This serves fans as a projection area that can see everything in it. When he recently showed his hair, the on Twitter came the same as an international emergency state.

This congratulation now triggers trouble: The controversial and conservative US Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) has now congratulated Dream on Twitter's birthday. Cruz says: His daughter would have asked him.

Cruz has two daughters, one is 10 years old, the other 13th in old age should be some of the fans of Dream.

The Tweet received 34,110 Likes.

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This is the counter-reaction: One who can not do anything with Ted Cruz is the Twitch Streamer Hasan Hasanabi piker, which represents a stressed left politics. In a live stream on Twitch he sees the Tweet and is completely stunned. Apparently it bothers him that Cruz is a young target group Ranwamst.

Piker has published a contrainy on Twitter: Ted Cruz is a permanent defeat for Texas. People should now use this tweet as a ratio.

Ratio is called it when follow-tweet gets more likes than an origin tweet. This is seen as a sign that the origin tweet is recorded negative - ​​it is, so to speak, the replacement for a I do not like button on Twitter.

In fact, Hasanabi's opposing is now 86,500 likes.

Fear that young Minecraft fans could be politically influenced

That's the background: Hasan piker was already stated in the past with DREAM. Piker had accused Dream, dealing with the inventor of Minecraft, Markus Notch Persson. Persson had fallen into the crosshair as statements were known from him, which were seen as transhob or racist.

Dream had defended himself against these allegations, but later with Hasanabi live on stream and ultimately confronted, at the critique of pikers is already something.

It can be seen that even at first glance unplaced game such as Minecraft has a social and political dimension. Just Hasan Piker sees a danger in that young minecraft players could be influenced by conservatives or from his point of view even dangerous forces. A similar discussion was 2020 in Germany:

Böhmermann pushes German twitch star in right corner - he defends itself


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